Reset, An African Night journey

At this very minute, I want to reset to 22 November, 6pm, Indaba Hotel and feel as if I am in the middle of the bush, somewhere far, far away in Africa. Sounds, like one of those fairytales sayings...but it's not! What am I actually talking about? The MOWANA WELLNESS SPA Before, I get into the serious stuff; let me explain my lifestyle to you. I work in the magazine world (oh the good old industry everyone seems to have a glamorous thought on). In fact, it is not as glasmfabulous as you think it is. You work long hours (oh hang on, I work 17 hr days), you have deadlines (almost every other day), you work on a timeline (3 months ahead) and of course you're constantly on the go. It's the 'sleep when you're dead' element. Plus I work in the business events industry, so this is double time, sleep when you're dead, never to be awaken. However; you carry on through, airport, hotels, conferences and meetings, sales figures and planning campaigns. Demanding clients, easy clients and those clients who need double reassurance of what they are doing. So now you have an idea of my world. What is the best way to RESET your clock — downtime of course and what better way of doing it, by going to a wellness retreat situated in the heart of Johannesburg (North) to be precise and in based in Fourways. Not in a million years did I think I would find a hidden gem of a spa — that feels like it's in the middle of Africa — but yet so close to home I.E — Jozi of all places. The Mowana wellness spa is the perfect hideaway to let go of all your stress and tensions brought on by a busy work schedule or if you want to treat your loved ones or enjoy a girlie day or night out and even more of a treat for corporate incentives. I was treated to a 'Night Spa' experience, which was the perfect downtime I needed after a very intense week.

The Spa

Set in the most amazing location, the minute you enter the building your mind enters relaxation mode. If it's tranquillity you are after, then this is the spot. In fact, when you look out onto the deck— it absolutely feels as if you're in the bush-veldt.

The Treatment

There were 3 treatments with an option on the type of massage you would like done. The night spa experience began at 6pm and lasted for 5 hours — complete pampering to the T. I opted for the hot stone treatment (I was sceptical about this treatment to be honest, the sound of heat +stones ...hmm), alas, perfect temperature, complete zone out mode and the massage therapist spot on with her manoeuvres. After an hour of pure bliss, we had a break for some scrumptious dinner, before returning for a foot pamper -not for the ticklish type! I somehow managed to have a proper giggle and made the good old souls who came for time out, have a good laugh too — I suppose laughter is good for the soul right? Ending the perfect retreat — was the ultimate back, neck and shoulder massage (Whoa — at this stage the only thing I could think of, was bed, sleep, wake me up in another lifetime!). The treatments were thorough — no complaints — just know what it is you need to de -stress!

The Experience

My suggestion; Book a stay at Indaba hotel and have an all rounder treat. By the time I stumbled out of the spa — I practically rolled into my hotel bedroom and the rest as they say was well....history! Mowana spa, has a lovely spa shop — where they sell some fabulous goodies — smellies (Nice smellies of course — great for gifts etc). Oh, and we (Yes, I went with a plus 1) were treated with a voucher to the SPA — meaning a bit of moola off my next spa treatment! So to be perfectly honest, couldn't have asked for any other way to have spent a Friday evening after work. Have a look at their website — they're always updating their special packages...and guess what... It's the beginning of the year and we've all just come back from holiday — meaning back at work! Maybe a post holiday treatment — just to start the year isn't a bad idea or even better — treat your better half to Valentine's Day and if you are a really, really nice boss — send your team — to motivate them for 2014!

Set in the tranquil bushveld gardens of the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Sandton; the Mowana Spa is a wellness sanctuary which will revive your senses, rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul. The Mowana Spa, which takes its name from the majestic Baobab Tree of African Lore and Legend, offers wellness journeys based on Tribal Massage in keeping with the healing spirit of the “Tree of Life”.

Phone: +27 (0) 11 840 6780

William Nicol Drive & Pieter Wenning Road Fourways

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