The Colours of Christmas and all Things Festive

The countdown to the big day has begun and although the festive shopping might have drained one,  the celebrations that lie ahead should cancel all the negativity of this busy time.

The vibrancy and explosion of colour and glitter that confronts one at this time of year can result in “visual overload”  so, if not too late,  a colour scheme for the Christmas table could be appealing and perhaps not necessitate rushing out to buy the appropriate items.

Traditionally the colours of Christmas are red , green and white. Using one or a combination of these will create truly festive ambiance.

To begin with GREEN is the colour of nature. In fact most of the earth’s surface is green and symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony.
It is also a colour depicting balance . According to the experts it is the safest colour to choose if one is in a state of confusion!
There are a variety of ways to introduce this colour into a theme such as green ribbons, baubles and tinsel, green leaves and even bowls of fruit like avocado pears, kiwi fruit and green apples, the latter having the advantage of emitting a gentle fruity fragrance.

RED is energizing, excites the emotions and in spiritual terms awakens the physical life force. There are many red décor items available like red berries [artificial or not!]  roses,  red apples, candles and festive red ribbons tied around serviettes.
This is one time of the year when the imagination can run riot and one can be forgiven for being a little over exuberant!

WHITE is the combination of all the colours of the visible spectrum and depicts purity, compassion and kindness and although sometimes termed a “non-colour” it has important spiritual value.
A white themed Christmas minus the cold, combined with silver can be spiritually enhancing and awaken in one a sense of complacence and serenity.
Allow the mind to conjure up visuals of white and silver baubles in contrast to a green tree, white crockery on a soft grey cloth, silver candles and crystal wine glasses, and the placing of a rich Christmas cake enveloped in glossy white icing alongside the table. The use of vases with white roses and lilies make for a spectacular sight — The writer herself is completely enchanted by this theme!

The choice of food to be served on Christmas day is entirely personal, be it traditional or more casual.
With a feast of good food available, hopefully some Christmas cake or pudding will be set aside to be included in a delicious New Year dessert, to be featured in the last article of 2014.

The team at Matsimela and Mowana Spa would like to thank all our customers for their loyal support through 2014 and send the riches of blessings that only this season can bring.  We look forward to pampering you in 2015.

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